Need a better understanding of Nginx and Docker

Hi,  We are trying to setup docker. Our container deploys. We can hit on 8080, but how to we forward that to others? We were using m2ee/nginx, which work.  Do we still need to use Nginx? Do we need to have Nginx-Proxy Sorry to ask but the build docker part is great, but there like no docs on the next step, how to proxy your app.  Is nginx part of the of docker? ​​​​​​Where do we install config and certs to get the app to proxy.  I am sorry for all the questions, but there seems to be a big part missing, now that you have docker build, here what to do next.   
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Hey Chuck,


So I have been working with our IT team a bit and have a general understanding of this. NGinx would need to be installed on the cluster that your app docker container is running on. We install it using NGinx’s helm repo .

What is happening is your app is running on that app container but it is not hosted publicly outside of the cluster itself. That nginx ingress will host a public IP that you can then point at your localhost:8080 allowing the app to show up at that endpoint.

I hope that  is a little helpful. I am not 100% familiar with how it is set up but that is my understanding of it.