Retrieve from an association linked to an OData Entity returns the first item from the OData Entity

Hi,   I have a weird situation couldn't find anything here on the Forum or Documentation. I have a Persistent Entity that has an association to an OData Entity (n : 1). When the user fills in a form where the Persistent Entity and OData Entity is shown everything works as aspected, he/she can select from a dropdown a value of the OData Entity.   When saving the form we want to send an e-mail and therefor we call a custom microflow. Here comes the weird part when we try to retrieve the selected value we always seem to get the first item of the OData entity and not the one that was selected. When we look at the ID's (in database) etc. and view the form details on a page everything looks ok. When we debug we see that the first item is returned and not the selected one. Is this a bug (can't imagine) or are we missing the point on how this should supposed to work.   Any pointers or help is appreciated.   Best regards,   Taner.
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