Published OData service XPath comparison failure

Scenario: - I have an app consuming an Odata service (O1) with $metadata file and serviceurl “OG_SVC_URL”. $metadata file contains a property “MyId” with type “Guid” ==> <Property Name="MyId" Type="Edm.Guid" />.   - In same app, I am creating a Mendix Published Odata service P1 with serviceurl “My_SVC_URL”. I created a copy entities exposed by O1 in my new module and exposed them as resources of P1 service. Obviuosly, I could not assign “MyId” the Guid data type, so I had to assign it string type.   - In the module that consumes O1 service, I replaced “OG_SVC_URL” with “My_SVC_URL” so that data exposed by P1 service is used instead of O1 service. $metadata used in O1 file remains the same. Issue: - Everything works fine except for the XPath in which comparison of MyId is done. They always return false even though value is same. Possible reason: - Reason could be that due to $metadata of O1, MyId is expcted to be Guid but since now I am using P1 as data source its type is string.   Query: What could be the solution to this problem? Is there a way that I can somehow make MyId of type Guid or amke O1 to consider it string instead of Guid without changing the original metadata? I am using 9.23 version of mendix.
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