Use image in an app that comes from another app (OData Service)

Hi, I have an app that simulates a user management app and i exposed it using OData. There is a user and an avatar table, both inherit from User and Image from system, respectively. I have another app were i want to use the avatar but it seems like mendix doesnt let you load images from an outside app using the dynamic image widget.   Can anyone help me?
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Hi Rafael,


If you have the URL of the image available I suggest you use this widget to display the image using the URL.

If you only have the contents of the image available you can use the CommunityCommons action ‘Base64DecodeToFile’ to store the image in a Mendix System.Image object. Then you can use this object in the dynamic image widget.


Hope this helps!


You should be able to do the following:

  • Expose the Image entity in the OData service as an OData resource.
  • Import the OData resource as an External Entity in your client application
  • Use this External Entity in an Image Viewer widget, this will show the actual image