Sharing data between different versions of the same app

Hi,   We currently have one app (call this App X for now), with 3 different production environment containers (call this XA, XB and XC). The app is functionally the same across all 3 environments, but the data differs and due to legislation, we need to segregate this data so that users that have the clearance to see XA cannot see XB. To enable this, we use a constant called Audience. We have different users for XA, XB and XC and because these are deployed to different production containers, the data remains separate from one another.   The app is developed through the same, one team server and there isn't different apps to open in Studio Pro, just the one. The Audience constant is managed through the front-end of the app by admins.   We want to produce a screen that combines 3 entities from XA and XB for a specific user role. Is this something we can use Catalog for, and if so, how? Or any other suggestions?
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Hi Vlad, Yes you could use Catalog for that. Starting point would be to look at the Learn More section for the Catalog at

A step by step sample approach can be found here in one of the Mendix Academy learning paths.


Of course you don't have to use the Catalog, but you could create a point solution (odata/rest), depending on how and where you want to expose (and update?) your data.