Meta data used in applications

Hi community   We have a typical situation that there are multiple applications up and running (30+ Mendix applications). The way we are organized is that each application has its own API's to bring in data into the application, which is then used in the workflow of the application. These API's are unique per application. Data provided by the API's have transactional data and meta data in it.    Now we are thinking to change this and have a much more relational data base approach. That is, meta data should be shared data (so a catalog) and application API's should be pure transactional data, where the lowest level of meta data is provided. We can then reduce the number of API's, can be more flexible in consuming this and will force to use standard meta data models.    Example today: API brings in Order number, country, sub region, region Tomorrow: API brings in Order number, country cd. With an association on the geographical meta data we get the sub region etc.    Questions: 1. Is performance more likely be better/worse/same in current scenario versus tomorrows scenario? Many calls will be made to the catalog.... 2. What is the recommended approach and why?  3. Any other suggestion on this topic.   Many thanks Felix            
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