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How to get enum data for a pie Chart




i want to create a Order management. Therefore i created an enity for the order, this has a enum attribute called status. I want to show an overview of the orders on a dashboard within an piechart. I found solutions for that, like but there are two problems. On the first hand, they are using strings, i could live with that, if there wasn´t the problem, that it would count an order for each status, because it always creates an object in the PieChart entity. Are there any other solutions?


Thank you in advance.


While creating the non-persistent entity, you can still have the same and use string, except fill the string from ENUM using getKey or getCaption


getKey – gives the Key of Enum

getCaption – gives the Caption of the Enum


NOTE: There could other options for creating PieCharts, which I did not explore to answer this question. I am only referring the other forum topic and providing an alternate.