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Mendix Release 10.2 – whats your favourite update?


Vamos nessa (let’s go fast)! Because that is what we are doing with another monthly release packed with lots of great new things like our new Mendix Cloud region in São Paulo, new and improved PDF generation, faster and easier setting return types in logic, start from spreadsheet updates, public beta of Application Health Dashboard, new way to gather user input via App Insights, various marketplace and Studio Pro improvements, and more!


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What’s your favourite update from 10.2?



Hi, all the improvements for this update look great!

I really like the new automatic return types in microflows/nanoflows, it is something that greatly improves the user experience in the platform. These little changes may seem very small for some people, but this kind of improvements overall makes Mendix even more great to use in the future.

That's great to hear - thanks for sharing your thoughts!