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Community public and voting interactive improvement/idea priority list


Hi Mendix,

Could you consider having the community vote on which items from the idea/forum improvement lists might be significant enough to include in the next update of Studio Pro?

Say the Mendix project manager reviews items they might consider adding to the next release of Studio Pro and then let the community vote on which ones they want to have finished.

Please allow the community to suggest one or two items that might not be on the proposed list but that the community might feel strongly about.

All too often there is a large backlog of things to fix, or that would really make a difference to the users if they were added, but those then disappear from the radar when new developments are planned. Even though we users like those too, we also are eagerly awaiting past items that are not yet done.


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Hi Ron,

A great idea and something we definitely want to facilitate. As a proof of concept, lets see how many votes we can get on this idea before moving forward, but can assure you that it is the direction we are heading towards to with the idea generation within the Mx Community.


Will keep you posted!