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Where to Report Bug in Mendix ???


Hello Developers,

                                I want to know that Is there any specific functionality or Some kind of support where actually a Mendix Developer can contact and report about the bug he encountered. Actually Need to Know whether he is experiencing the bug or some kind of error/ Mistake for placing the widgets. My Idea is to form a Feel free to have connect method to contact the Officials of mendix to report about the issues and getting help from them where it is bug or mistake would be very helpful. if any suggestions Please comment for this post, if accepting Give a UpVote to this.

I want to know whether this bug is encountered by Any of  my fellow developers.


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Log in to your Mendix account on the Mendix Support Portal 

Click on the "New Support Request" button on the top right corner of the page.

Fill out the form with a title and description of the bug you encountered. Be as detailed as possible, including steps to reproduce the bug, screenshots, and any error messages you received.

Select the Mendix version you are using and the severity of the bug.

Click "Submit" to send the bug report to Mendix Support.