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Ability to Report Spam in Forums


Going through the forums I noticed one or two posts that seemed to spam. However, I didn’t see any option to report the posts. I think adding a button to report/flag posts as potential spam could help reduce these posts even more. 


Whilst I’ve only seen a handful of spam posts/comments on Mendix forum, I think having the ability to report these posts could help keep the high standards of the forums and keep Mendix developers safe!

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Hi both,

I wasn’t aware that these capabilities were in place for some user groups. Thank you both for your insight! :)


That’s indeed a good suggestion, thanks for sharing! We currently do have some spam catching capabilities in place, but these are only visible to specific usergroups in the Mx Community. Interesting however to think how we might expand this.


Added the idea to my bookmarks and will keep an eye on the upvotes / discussion around the topic :) 


That would indeed be nice. Forum moderators already have a spam section where they get notified about possible spam posts. It would be nice if the regular forum users could add the spam tag so that these post come up in the spam review section of the moderators.