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Merge the stupendous amounts of tags!


This probably has already been suggested before but I think we can all agree that there are too many obsolete/underused tags. As you can imagine, this can make looking for the "Right Answer” (for your usecase) quite tedious.

My suggestions:

  1. Verify tag necessity by the community/MVPs
    Community method: Somewhat similar to the way ideas work; reach a certain threshold of upvotes and you'll have a new tag created.
    MVP method: Same as community method but exclusive to MVPs
  2. Tag suggestions on posts:
    In some cases you sometimes forget to add a relevant tag or you weren't aware that a tag existed in the first place. 
    Being able to suggest tags on posts without having to mention the one who posted directly in a comment would be a neat feature.

"Why not pick first one if it bothers you so much?”
Sometimes you use uppercase to find tags or and vice versa, either way you'll have 2 different tags which essentially are the same thing. Like.. Just look at this...

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I think the real issue is the tag can be whatever people want.


Mendix should probably add some validation / text transformation to it to help limit the results.


Eg lowercase only, – instead of spaces would help cut down quite a few