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Email reminder for your questions with unaccepted answers.


This comic expresses my thoughts the best

When questions get answered, often the asker of the question does forget about the feedback to the people providing the answer when the solution has helped them. As someone who searches for questions first before asking them this can be annoying because you never know if a solution has helped the user or if the user found a different solution. And as someone who likes to help people with problems, I'd like to get feedback if my answer helped them.


So here is my suggestion:

- Whenever a question has the status answered but has no accepted answer, send an email once (after a week?) to remind the user that he has asked a question with multiple answers but has not accepted an answer.


Bonus: Whenever the asker of a question answers back and his answers contains “thanks, solved, etc.” prompt the asker if this is the answer that has solved your issue, if he then answers yes, mark it as the accepted answer.


Extra bonus: Maybe when the user receives the mail and has no accepted answer to his question, he may also receive the possibility to bump up the question back to the top to increase visiblity.


I think this would also improve user interaction and usability of the forum.


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