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Report for Spam Function in Mendix Forum


Hi Folks,


There are more and more mysterious entries in the Mendix forum like this one e.g :




What would you think of a “report as spam” function? (And after 10 reports the post will be deleted) 

as an example


Best Regards

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It could help, but I think Mendix could implement some policies to prevent this mess instead of having to clean it up. Also, these posts spam the #forum channel in Slack, which is annoying af, I've unsubscribed because of this.

Some things that may be considered:

- don't allow more than N questions per user per hour / a day

- blacklist ip's from spammers

- require a code sent via email before activating an account

- require a few experience points before allowing forum questions (or, have questions from accounts without points reviewed before forwarding them to the forum)


Also, if AI really is the future some claim it to be, have AI review forum questions before accepting them, I dare you Mendix!