licenses using the example of an ecommerce store

Hello, I have a question about the license, I may be missing something. Am also for some time with the support in contact, unfortunately my actual question is not 100% answered, possibly it is also due to the language barrier. What I understood is that there are no concurrent licenses anymore. Every named user must be licensed. So far so good. Now let's say I want to create an ecommerce store. The customers register themselves, and are therefore "named users", right?   Now let's assume that 1000 users register, buy something once in a lifetime, then I as the operator may license 1000 named users. From my point of view, this simply does not add up. Is there another way? I like to pay money for a product, that is not an issue, but if the named users bring no revenue vs license fee. Is either my idea with mandix not so right, or the license model does not fit my idea... I would like some clarity here, thanks in advance :) Kind Regards Mike
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In your scenario you are looking for something that is called external users. These are named users and have another pricingin the model. See for example the explanation here:

To find out more about the pricing contact your Mendix account manager.