One-Time Data Import

Hi all,  I am fairly new to Mendix and have a question around the import of data. I am building an virtual cookbook app. It has a random recipe selection action (used a market place module here :)), an automated checklist generation for grocery shopping and now I want to add the nutrition facts. I have an entity call “Ingredient”. This entity is associated with another entity called “nutrition” where all information is stored, e.g. fat, sugar, calories, etc.    I found a very advanced excel data base with nutrition facts for thousands groceries which determined the attributes in the “nutrition” entity. I would like to import the information of the excel to my app to have it available as pick-up value/ dropdown.  I looked for a solution and found the Excel importer module which I think is over engineering here. I don’t want to upload the data again. I will expand it by adding missing groceries manually via a page. It should really be only a one time upload to have data stored.   I would appreciate any help/ ideas.   Thanks Carina
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Hi Carina,

I think a simple excel import using the Excel import module will be the best option here.
What you need to setup is the admin pages of the excel import module. Then create a basic excel import template where you map the excel columns into you entity attributes.

Then just make some pages where you can upload the document and import the document with the created template. 

Hope this helps!