Get data acording to check box selected

have 6 tab pages one tab name is yes/no/na Second page is pass/fail .... Sixth pge is dropdown  My table attribute Actionname string Inputname string  Is Checked Boolean Every page we have 6 check box With is checked boolean  If i select check box yesnona page then action name return yesnona and the action name show in datagrid 2 how can I achieve this One more problem how can I use one Boolean attribute use many check boxs but select acording to user please share solution   
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You cannot use one Boolean attribute for many check-boxes (Technically you can but logically it is not possible). Instead create 1 Boolean for every check-box.

For the action name, when you change the check-box to Yes/No add an on-change event microflow/nanoflow (as per your wish) and change the object in that. If you go with a microflow do not forget to set refresh in client to yes.