Create dynamic data on checkbox selection and show datagrd

We have three entity  First entity is  Input type(string) Action name(string) Ischeked (Boolean)   Second entity is(1to * relationship with first table) optionName(string) Input type (string) Third entity(1to * with second entity) ansGrpName(string)   In my page page have two  Boolean attribute checkbox if i select this check box then data set on attribute Eg -: we have tab pages name like YES/NO/NA If select check box inside yes section  first check box name Request Picture  If i ticked this check box then data set as Ischeked =true Action name=Request Picture Input type=image   optionName=yes Input type=lable  ansGrpName=yes/no/na  And show only ansGrpName in datagrid how can I do this 
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