SAML on import with Errors on blank Project

Hello there, i’m new to mendix ( just finished the “Rapid Developer” course) and i just imported the SAML module to my project but on import i get 58 Errors and i can’t seem to find a solution as to why this is happening. I’m using mendix studio pro 9.21.0 and downloaded the version v.3.3.11 of SAML. I created a new project (BLANK WEB APP) and followed the stepps from here: to import the SAML module, ofcourse i selected to add a new module (it is a blank project afterall) but directly after the import i get 58 errors, i tried other versions of SAML but it was pretty much the same outcome. So my questions would be, am i missing something? Do i need to install another module befor installing this one? Do i have to add all those missing things by hand (which would kind of defeat the purpose of a module)? Is there a site someone can point me to which would help me? Thank you very much   I’ll add two screenshots at the end, i didn’t want to spam the whole 58 errors becouse they are all kinda the same (something is missing).
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You’ll need to import the model reflection module from the marketplace as well, see the dependencies in the documentation here:

The module can be found here: