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Does anyone know how to add shopping cart to my app, I tried to search on market and docs for a solution and didn’t find. Can anyone help?
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Dear Mohammed,

I have done this ayear and a half ago or so, without using any Marketplace Modules, so I couldn’t tell you about thos. But basically I made a shoppingcart-module that had non-persistable entities that mirrored my product and that were being filled in with the required values of my non-persistable shopping cart attributes (amounts, total price etc). Then, only when the shopping cart gets payed for, I actually change the inventory numbers of the BackOffice persistable entities and change anything in the dB.

So the main idea of the seperate module with non-persistable entities is that you want no changes made to your dB as long as the shopping cart hasn’t been payted for and emptied again: this info should only exist in the session, which is why the non-persistables are perfect for this.

Best of luck!


Would also love to see some starter project with shopping cart functions.

Here are some options:

Searched, nothing.


And my comment here: a year ago.