Create input box based on button click

Hi mendix developer                                                                    I am beginner we need create         dynamic input box we have explain my   requirement in detail below we have two buttons one is add button and second one is remove button if i click add button then input box generate (user can create more than one input box at a time on same page) and if user click on remove button then input box in decrease eg. user clicks 5 times then 5 input box generate and user fill the data in input box and click on save button then all the information save how can I achieve this function please explain details because I am new in mendix
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Create entity A and entity B. B is associated with A so that A can have multiple objects in entity B.

The entity B has an attribute of type String.

Create a page for entity A with one of the 2 buttons (create). The create button triggers a microflow that creates a object of entity B and associates this to entity A. On the page add a listview inside the dataview which contains the entity B objects over the association with A. So when the create button is clicked a new B oject will be shown in the listview (be sure to set the listview to editable).

In the listview add the second button to delete the record via a microflow, this allows the user to control which record to delete in the entity B.

Hope this helps you in solving your issue.


Hi Shubham Dubey,

Use two entities where you where A 1-* B as for use a list view where your datasource should be over the association you need to map the B as the entity as datasource on add button call a microflow which Creates the B entity where and user remove button where onClick leads to delete it. 


Hope this information helps.