How to create multi objects and retrieve objects in one form for current user?

I don’t know if my solution way is correct or not, I am struggling to save form that has multi objects and retrieving the data back when user return to the form that he created.   What I want to do that let the user login and then fill a form, but the fields that come from association show disabled. How to solve it? Is there any app or resources I can refer to?   First the user click on signup button that trigger a microflow to create the objects of the form that appear after he login: When the user submit his registration info he trigger the below microflow: Then he login to the system and move to the form that retrieve the data from the registration form and let the user to enter more data, The database of the form come from this microflow to show only current user data:   in the app navigation I call a microflow that retrieve the data   Domain modal:
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