Searching over all attributes using MF

Hello, i want to add a calculated column (suchstring) in my entitiy with is an unlimited string. This should contain a concated string with limiter from all the other attribbutes. eg: Referenzartikel|Bezeichnung|.. So if i search in my entity i have only to search in this column!     I am not really sure what is the best way to build this string in MF? Has anybody here an idea?  
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Hi Torsten,


Use a Change object action on Artikel to construct $Artikel/Suchstring like ( I use ; as limiter):


toString($Artikel/Referenzartikel) + ‘;’ + toString($Artikel/indexLong) + ‘;’ + $Artikel/Bezeichnung + ‘;’ + …..


Go make it


Hi Marco,

ok seems easy..

The Change Object doesn’t give me the “Suchstring” as a member.

As it is calculated it is not shown. How to acces the Suchstring?