Search from calulated Attribute

Hi togehter, i created a calculated attribute where i set a concated string from alle atributes of the entity by MF. This works fine. But when i try to search in this attribute it doesn’t get any content. i can’t use it in any contraint and using it in datagrid2 i seems not to work at all. I can use it with any other attribute but not with a calculated. How to filter with calculated attributes??
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It’s best to not use calculated attributes if at all possible as they are calculated for every single access and can’t be used for sorting or filtering.

In your example, I would look at refactoring the calculated attribute so it’s a regular stored attribute. You can generate and store this when another attribute in the entity is changed. One approach could be using a before commit event handler on the entity, so you know whenever data is stored to the database, the field will be regenerated and available for use.

I hope this helps.