Add Horizontal row instead of popup to create new entry in mendix...

Hi everyone, I want to add horizontal row which will contain all the fields that need to be filled in as shown below. Can anyone help me out to tell, how can i show horizonal row as above when i will click on add. And based upon check box selected i need to submit, the object data to entity. If user select one then one object will get stored, but if user selects multiple then multiple entity should be saved. How can I create a UI in similar manner and what can be the process ?
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Hi, you could use a list view for this. Use a helper entity as page parameter and associate your rows to this entity. Use a boolean atribute for the checkbox. When clicking add, create a new object of the entity that represents a row, associate the newly created object to the helper object. For the other buttons, use the helper as input and then retrieve the associated objects. Then you filter the retrieved list based on the boolean attribute and you delete/save/submit your filtered objects.