Dynamic creation of input box

Hello We have two attribute one is question (with attribute name, description) and another is Answer (with attribute textbox, textarea, check box, radio button) associated with(question 1,Answer*)  we have 4 button  If click fist button then dynamic textbox generate If click on second button then dynamic textarea generate.… If i click on forth button then dynamic radio button create And all save at time  It is possible with one entity 
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Hello Shubham,


Sure you can, add booleans in your entity for each field that you want to show by pressing a button. You will use those booleans to toggle visibilty. Then the save button should just commit the object with the fields in described. You will toggle the booleans in a microflow behind the buttons and the visibility is set on the page, specifically the artibute you want to show or either hide.


Good luck.