Identify baseline for Mendix application load testing

We are using Mendix Private cloud option. We deploy mendix apps to EKS cluster using Private Cloud option. We use RDS postgres database to store data. Our test team is expecting to performance/load test a mendix application.... They are planning to execute it with 20 users and UI based test framework(selenium)   Any suggestions in this aspect?   Especially, We are also looking for baseline size for mendix app ..... I mean, Core Resources like cpu and memory    
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Hi Sreekanth,


I use RobotFramework (RF) for Selenium-based testing. It has built-in reporting features. With RF we could run 4-5 sessions per laptop at a very high speed (much faster than a real user)., so that a lot of users can be simulated with lesser laptops.  You can also use the cloud to test. For example


I would have a look at this: to monitor CPU and Memory to find the optimal setting for your application.


Look at the IOPS of your disks and review the Indexes of your database as large data-intensive applications are mostly limited by the disks.


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