Some questions about the advantages of using mendix basic authentication compared to using mendix for free.

Hi all,   I have a number of questions related to the costs and advantages involved in developing a small scale mendix business app for ± 20 users compared to using the mendix free version. First of all, I was wondering how the X amount of user accounts for each of the differant versions exactly work. Mendix states how the basic version for 50 euro's each month enables you to use five user accounts instead of being able to use one account as is the case with the free mendix version. However, do anonymous users count as user accounts? If so, does this mean you could theoretically create an app with one administrator account and unlimited Anonymous users while using the free mendix version?    For example: If someone creates an app which enables employees to schudule workplaces in their office could this app run with one administrator account and 20 anonymous users who are able to use the app without signing in by just giving the adress data to trusted employees?   I also read how a free mendix app goes offline when it is not used for some time. Does anyone know how long it takes before a free app goes offline and how long it takes before the app goes online again when an user wants to use the app again?   Apologies in case all the answers to these questions can be found inside the mendix search platform, but I've been curious for a while about the exact advantages of buying a license of 50 euros compared to using the free mendix version and wasn't able to find any consisive answers. 
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Hi Erik, 

When you say free Mendix version, this version won’t be in active state for longer time if there is no user interaction happening with the application.

In order to run the application all the time and keep it available for the users you should go with licensed App.