About integration with SAP SuccessFactors

Hello. Is there any documentation explaining the integration with "SAP SuccessFactors"? I know that I will use the SAP Odata Connector, but there is no document that explains how to set the parameters at that time. (e.g. user id and password for API endpoints) There are many materials such as SAP ERP / BTP, but there are not many documents about SAP SuccessFactors.
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  1. SAP Help Portal: SAP SuccessFactors - OData API

  2. SAP Community: How to use the OData connector with SAP SuccessFactors

  3. SAP Help Portal: Configuring the SAP SuccessFactors Adapter

These resources should help you get started with integrating your Mendix application with SAP SuccessFactors using the SAP OData Connector.