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Hello everyone! I have an application that uses a customized filter from a non-persistent entity "Filter" where I configured a search bar using this filter and returning specific attributes of the entities where the filter applies, for example, if the entity was "Clothing store" and I wanted the search bar to return only Shirts of the brand "Summer", I would configure in the microflow (Retrieve Objects) a restriction [contains(Shirts, $Filter/clothesStore) and Shirts/brand = 'Summer']. * hypothetical case I need the dataview to return the filtered values as clickable (where I could open an img or pdf viewer for example) but I also need the other values as not clickable, only to read, just to know that there are other products. Is there any way that after restricting certain attributes of an entity I can return a mixed list, where the restricted data is just for viewing?   With best regards! Luiz Felipe
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Have a extra helper boolean attribute in clothing store entity, in filter microflow create a list for clothing store and add your filtered object and add other objects with helper boolean true, in UI set the editable based on the helper attribute.


Hope it will be helpful for you.


Hi Luiz,


As per my understanding you want to return an object in a data view with some attributes as Editable and some should remain Read only .

One option could be managing the access rule on the entity level where you can specify the read and write access for specific attributes as per individual roles .

You can then give access to this user role for the page on which this desired data view is present and they should only have editable access to the attributes which you have given.

Hope this helps!



Sunit Kumar Dubey