How to get member profile picture

Hello everyone, I've been stuck for a long time. I'm trying to get the user information after I logged myself in. But the user image always gets null values Attached is some code I have   Create Member Page   Create Member Microflow   Member information page     Get results       Get Member Info Microflow       3/7 I tried to use another way of working       I get a string of numbers instead of a picture         3/8 I will create a member page Data cource to change the account   Create member microflow     Get results One with a picture of the information one without When I delete the data without a picture I can't log in correctly       When I try to get the login information but still no picture     I'm still trying to make changes and if I had a video or some help I think I would understand better (Because my native language is not English, so please forgive me if I don't understand it well) Thanks again to all who helped.
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The picture is associated to Member so you would need a dataview with Memberimage (over Member) as context and then in there an image viewer with Memberimage as context. 

You can use Member as a page parameter instead of account. Because it's a generalization of Account, it has access to it's own attributes and the ones originating from Account. 

So it would look like:
Member (page parameter dataview) > Memberimage, over association Memberimage_Member (dataview for the image) > Image (dynamic imageviewer)