How to see the Mendix Studio changes in Mendix Pro?

Hi , When I committed my changes in Mendix Pro. I saw that along with it some changes from Mendix Studio also got committed. Iam not sure what those were. When I got to Version Control → History, I click on the Revision that says ‘Committed the latest Mendix Studio changes’ then I go below to tab Changes in Model and there I get the message: ‘Please note that changes in the model coming from Mendix Studio are not listed here.’   How can I see what changes where made in Mendix Studio?
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Hi Carol,


Changes made in Studio are auto-saved and happen continuously. When working on the same branch as the branch where studio is enabled for in Studio Pro the changes can be synced when you click update or commit. The revisions are not viewable like the Pro revisions because you do not provide it with a comment. Also note that Studio is no longer supported since version 9.20.