Passing parameter to DeepLink

Hello,     I am attempting to pass a parameter from the following “Post” to a deeplink in Mendix.    <form method="POST" target="_blank" action=""><input id="registration-token" type="hidden" name="x-amzn-marketplace-token" value="MH3OzvKggXvXk1S07vcMVmnE62WpBGJd2fcCwd60/U0Yo3owGVNeZorO0obf5tJMP9UqFb3BAw44riGGygIH+fn4vdKlbnaIytyEjL1t8tSZzGdROg5ARDb2RkhRvqAQ2BnBUPM3zTZn8Vr+fsht5kEuQJf4kvHh7IjGT6K+7TxJA/hiOSFTWA=="><a>Click here to set up your account.</a></form>   Here is the Deeplink configuration (below). Within the Microflow the Token is supposed to take the “registration-token”, but, is empty when it gets to the microflow. Any help on how I can pass the registration-token to the Microflow.
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As you can see in the configuration there are only GET paramaters while you are doing a HTML form POST.

The mimetype and the request body wont be parsed.

Why cant you go with exposing a REST API from Mendix (which is on top of a MF anyways)

Let me know how it went.