Switched URL parameters when using SAML to login

Hi all,   I’m facing the issue that when I try to access a page URL and I’m not logged in for some reason my f=true and cont= parameter are switched.  So when I try to access http://localhost:8187/p/company/7881299347899071 the redirect leads me to http://localhost:8187/SSO/login?cont=&f=true#/company/7881299347899071 instead of http://localhost:8187/SSO/login?f=true&cont=p/company/7881299347899071 so the cont paramenter gets lost. If I manually adjust the URL the login works perfectly. I’ve looked iit up in Studio Pro but the only instances I have with the settings are with “/SSO/login?f=true&cont=”, have you encounterd similar issues or know how to solve it? Thanks and best regards, Marco  
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