Image Viewer cant found

Hi ;  I went to use from toolbox  add-ones  Image viewer widget but I can’t find I search about it I didn't  found in marketPlace ?  so how can use it ? 
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Hi Buthaina,

You can download the image viewer widget/add on from the marketplace and then you can find it in your adds on section,


After finding it there, you can use it however you want,


Let me know if you fae any issues,

Hope it helps!!!


Just the way you add other widgets like DataView, DataGrid etc. the widgets downloaded from the Marketplace can be found in the bottom of the list.

For e.g.: create a new page with 1 dataview in it. Then right click on the empty area and select Add Widget.
In the next popup scroll down to find the Add-ons section, there you can find your Marketplace downloaded widgets.

Good luck.


Hi Ganesh, 

I mean this tool as shown in photo 

I want to use it in my app to view the profile picture of the user account. My problem is how get or to download Image Viewer to use it . if you understand my question ?