i want to add action buttons to data grid 2 in every row

i want to add action buttons to data grid 2 in every row but there is nothing found in data grid 2 documentation regarding this. Please suggest how we can do that.
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Hi Deependra,


In Data Grid 2, you can add custom content which could fulfill your needs. Follow these steps:

  1. Open the Data Grid 2 widget
  2. In the “Columns” section, add a new column
  3. At the top of the “General” tab, you see a “Show” attribute, select “Custom content”

  4. If you have column filtering or sort, you need to add an attribute, if not, you can leave the attribute empty.
  5. Click “OK” and again “OK”
  6. In the Data Grid you can now simply drag a button from the toolbox to the column. Within the button you could trigger a microflow or a delete action.


Hope this helps,


Regards, Jeroen


HI Can we use Switch  In data Grid 2  i tried its  showing error  but is there any workarround we can do something please Guide me on this?

Jeroen op 't Hoog



Jeroen op 't Hoog - I followed your approach to add the button. However, the associated object with the row does not get passed as an input parameter to the Microflow which gets called from the button. The object shows empty value. Any help would be appreciated.