Dropdown value set one table to another table

we have create dynamic dropdown label and it's value(Admin Table)and after create form user fill form user select dropdown value and click on save button call a microflow set data admin table to user tabel ( data save another table i.e User table)  and again user needs to edit their dropdown value(From user tabel ) but problem occurs in dropdown value not show (Selected value) all value show without selected value  E.g-   Admin entity          Dropdown_label(attribute.1-label,2.label_id) 1-* Dropdown_value(attribute.1-value, 2.value_id) Association 1-* Same User entity  Dropdown_label 1-* dropdown_value(with same attributes)  How  to resolve these issues Eg. State- UP,MP,HR USER select UP  But in edit page user not get selectable value  User get all value without selectable value   
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