Performance Issue in loading AutoComplete in List View/Data Grid

We have been facing an issue while loading the AutoComplete/Dropdown widget in Data Grid/List View widgets.   Requirement is to show the list of data in the AutoComplete/dropdown against each line item in Grid/List View with the default selected value where the entity has 14 lakhs records. If user has access to many sites, then we will end up showing thousands of records in the AutoComplete. We are able to achieve this functionality by adding the AutoComplete widget inside the list view and grid but it takes more time to load the grid/list view even when we limited the data to 1k or 2k (takes 10+ Seconds). When we tried to debug the root cause of this performance issue, we identified that Mendix is making a service call for each AutoComplete loaded in each row of list/grid which impacts the performance of the page and eventually leads to long running queries and the environment.   Though there are other alternate solutions/work arounds like showing the data in a pop-up or show the selected data in a label and provide an edit icon next to it instead of loading the autocomplete for each row, but it will be better if we achieve the expected design for better user experience with less clicks.  
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Hello Santhosh,

The performance loss is related to page rendering and nested components in the listview/data grid.
I have a problem similar to yours I have provided some buttons behind each data row for different functionality. But the user can open the datagrid too much.
My solution was pagination on the server side. So you can send limited data to the server. It means that the data grid and internal components are rendered as the data count of a page.
You can set this as offset and limit during undo event.
I hope this helps