Excel Importer – Import Dynamic Excel Files

Hi, Is there a way to use the Excel Importer to import dynamic Excel files where the start row position can change, and the column names may not match the entity’s column names? In other words, what I want to do is have the business user be able to manipulate the header row position and map the customer's Excel columns to our entity and the other setting be a default value.   We have a business need that requires a business user to import various customers' Excel files that include instruments that we support for them. The customer's Excel files can have the header row start at different rows and can have column names that do not match our names.   What we want to do is to be able to have a business user import the customer's Excel and match the customer's rows to our rows. I reviewed the Import Excel connector, and it seems like it can be done but would be too complicated for a business user to use the current setup. It seems like I should be able to leverage the Import Excel connector but all I can seem to find is how to set it up so that all files would be the same.   Any insight or links to a demo of setting a custom solution up would be apricated.
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Agree the default implementation of the Excel Importer is aimed quite technical .


You can create your own pages and logic to simplify the functionality for the “normal” user.

2 cents:

If the user wants full flexibility, then its hard to simplify > my first action would be; challenge the business on what they realllllyyyy want. These kind of requirements sounds to me like “We don’t have a proper idea, so if we can get the dev team make something flexible, then we don't have to think ourselves.”