Pass a document generated in microflow to HTML snippet

Hi,   I am generating a pdf document in a microflow This pdf is being generated after a button click. I want to display this pdf in a ‘Print a Document’ pop-up page. I have the code for the pop-up page in HTML and Javascript and I can use this in HTML Snippet. But I want to pass the pdf generated from microflow to this HTML Snippet. So, basically I want to call a microflow, get a pdf, pass this pdf to the HTML snippet having the HTML & Javascript code and then display the pop-up page.   Note: PDF generated is different on each button click.
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Hi Arun,

I think you can view the file using the Base 64 content of the file in your HTML code, if you are able to do it, use  Base64Encode java action from Community Commons to convert your generated pdf file into a Base64 string.


Hope this helps!!