Issue in Save coloumn  configuration in datagrid 2

Hi, I have requirement to save column configuration of data grid 2. I have done first initial steps of creating string of unlimited size and using that string in data grid 2 personalization tab, with on change as ‘save changes’ . But It’s saving the changes for all the users, How we can save the column configuration based on user level(current user) . I refer to this mendix forum but I got stuck in the Microflow which has been posted over their. Can anyone explain me what microflow actually doing means from which entity they are retrieving like all two retrieve actions and create object.
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Hi M., a quick glance tells me the microflow is retrieving a configuration for a specific account and changing it for that account or creating a new one specifically for that account.

The trick is to put the datagrid within the dataview of this Configuration entity.

Let us know where exactly you are having trouble with the logic.