Refreshing pages

Hi Experts!   I'm working on an app and got the question to not have the app return to the home page any time the user refreshes (Either by pressing F5 or “pulling down” the screen on mobile)  but I'm running into some issues.   I'm using the URL property, which seems to work fine on lists. However, anytime I press an item on the list, and then refresh the detailed screen I get an forbidden error in the URL.  http://localhost:8080/login.html?messageCode=403&profile=Responsive#/View/16325548649218178   It is maybe important to know that the issue arises when the list itself has a page parameter, as does the detailed page. I have a list without a page parameter, and there the detailed page refreshes fine, so maybe it has something to do with the page parameters? Should I use the URL parameter differently here?   Anybody have an idea that can help me?
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You can try to use the widget 'URL Redirector' from marketplace.