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Hi Everyone – I’m running through the Rapid Developer Course. I could be me but I’m wondering if the platform has slipped ahead of the course because I’m not getting exactly what the course indicates – this could be entirely my own fault but it’s the 2nd time.   So I’ve created 4 columns for a home screen (not in the way the course suggested because I wasn’t getting the options indicated using right click).   Now I’m trying to Edit Layout Grid Column but when I double click on column I don’t get the options the course indicates. Anyone able to suggest what might be wrong? Or a way around? This is what I see when I double click on the column:   I’m actually on Studio Pro version 9.24.1 – as that’s the one the course directed me to download – but that doesn’t come up in the Studio Version listed in the community.   Thanks for your help   Andy  
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I think perhaps you are not clicking the right place for the selections you need. Please consider the following:



To select/open the properties of the full layout grid, you need to click in the small area in the top left indicated as 1. If you want to select/open the properties of just the column, click anywhere in the small strip on the very top. Single click = select, double click = open properties. 

Clicking in the middle of the column is just selecting the content pane which does not present you the properties.


I hope that helps.