Refactoring an Existing Apps Modules

Hi, I am pretty new to Mendix and know more about frontend dev than the back end.   With that said, I am being asked to help fix an existing app that is having several issues. The app was built where the team put everything into one Module and it is hard to understand what does what. What I may want to do is to refactor the Module setup so that there are separate Domains and then put related structures together.   If I move the entity from a different domain, will the existing data be lost or impacted when we relaunch live? I think I saw something in the docs that said it would but I am still a little unclear on how the entities work and wanted to ask to validate.    Also are their any best practices for aproaching refactoring in mendix? Mainly I don’t want to create more issues by changing things around.   Any insight would be appreciated.
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If you move entities  you’ll keep your data.

You’ll need to reassign entity access to proper module roles though. Also java actions may throw errors about module.entity/attribute names, but they’ll be easily fixed.