Fetching Logged in UserName

Hello, I am new to this platform and trying to learn more on. I have integrated the SSO with my application and as the next step   I would like to display the logged-in UserName at the top of the page or in any controls. How could I do that?  I would like to connect to the SQL Database any reference article on this would also be helpful. Thanks. Mahesh
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If you look into the Administration Module you have a flow ManageMyAccount. This has logic that does what you are looking for. So you can rewrite this flow a bit. Just make sure you have a dataview where you display the username and that the current user somehow is being passed by Datasource.


Not sure what you are looking for here but Mendix comes with a database connected automatically. Locally this is your built-in database. You can also connect to a hosted db locally for your own environment. Please check this link:

If you want to connect to another database in your app itself there are several options. F.e.: