Mendix Rapid Certification Exam environment preparation

Hi Team,      I recently registered for the Rapid certification exam and received an email regarding the Rapid certification exam, and I have a few questions that I would appreciate your assistance with.    Expiry Period for the Exam Link: Could you please inform me if there is an expiry period for the exam link? It would be helpful to know the timeframe within which I need to access the exam.   Laptop Camera Requirement: : I would like to inquire if it is necessary for my laptop to have a working camera in order to take the exam. Additionally, could you please share with me the list of mandatory technical requirements to ensure that I meet all the necessary criteria?   Resuming the Exam after Network Failure: In the event of a network failure during the exam, will I be able to resume the exam once my network connection is restored? , maximum time between the break is allowed...   Time Duration for Online Exam: Can you please confirm if there is a fixed time duration for completing the exam online?    Regards, Theo
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Hi Theodore,


The rapid developer exam is fairly simple and is completely web-based.
1. 1 month
2. It is online without the supervision of an examiner/supervisor so no camera, it's a webpage so you can even do it on a tablet. – no exciting requirements.
3. You cannot stop the exam and continue later.
4. You can take as long as you need