How to retrieve ALL text strings from a module ?

The Mendix BatchTranslate UI retrieves ALL text strings from (pages, entities, microflows) a module and displays them in the pink box shown in the image below.   I am interested in knowing how this is done? Is it possible via MxModelReflection or is there some other way to do this ?  
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nice question,

What you see here is in Studio itself and if you would like this information in the frontend you cannot use the Model Reflection because this is a representation of your domain model. What you want is that all Text/Captions from your application are displayed in the client, I think. Since this is not data I expect you can use the Mendix Model SDK: 
The Mendix Platform SDK is a TypeScript & JavaScript based SDK. You can use it to call Mendix Platform APIs. You can use the Mendix Model SDK to work with the model of an app, for example, you can read the model, modify the model, or analyze the model. If you are able to integrate this then you could build a Mendix app to display this information somewhere.

The question that remains is whether this functionality is available in the SDK.