pivotDatawidget question: Can not get result table in production environment, it shows No constructor found for widget PivotDataWidget

Dears,   Does any friend knows why the widget PivotDataWidget can not show the result pivottable?   Situation: I have an entity ”OppoMD_Show”  with many attributes, like FiscalMonth(12 months), Region and WeightedOrderIntake (it means money amount). I want to get a summary table which can get the sum of WeightedOrderIntake for every FiscalMonth and every Region. It’s quite easy in excel where we can get a pivot table, just put Region in row and FiscalMonth in column, sum the WeightedOrderIntake (like screenshot below).     So I found a widget in marketplace named:PivotDataWidget, it seems good to get the same summary table like excel pivot table as above.   I configured the widget: - Step1: I put the widget in a data grid with entity”OppoMD_Show” I just mentioned, and also with page parameter as required.( I think this step is ok) - Step2: I configured the widget. Choosed an entity, call value attribute, call value action, call data microflow (here I created a mf which retrieve the specific department rows that I want to calculate, quite simple, just with an easy Xpath constraint), choose one for “When to call get data mf”,choose X axis value and Y axis value…… Question: The summary table appears in develop view as below (url:localhost……).  BUT in official prod environment after deployment, it just shows "No constructor found for widget PivotDataWidget' whichever I choosed any option in “When to call get data mf”. I think the problem happened in “When to call get data mf”, but I don’t know how exactly it comes like this.       Any kind friend can solve this problem? Really apprecate!
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