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Hello! How can I configure a custom search bar, different from the datagrid and list view defaults, where I can pass all the parameters in it, without having to put one in each column of my table?
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For that you need to configure an ENP (search) with a parameter as name.
Insert a dataview and give it a microflow as a parameter. this microflow creates a search.
Inside the dataview, insert a textbox and give search as a parameter (from database) and in the actions tab, in the on change option, insert another microflow. This microflow should do a change filter. As a final textbox setting, check (on entiring data). After that, inside the datagrid, insert a listview and give another microflow as a parameter. In this microflow you will retrieve the entity where the data is and in the Xpath restriction place the deprecated function, such as contains(name, $entidade), or another restriction that suits you.