Track User Journey for Microflow logic

Hi Community! I am having the following case:   The homepage has 9 cards (something like the menu), once any of the cards is clicked new page is opened with its specific data. All 9 pages connected to 9 cards have Description text which can be edited only by Admin.   Currently, I as a developer have 9 entities where each entity has 1 string Attribute (examples: Page_A_Entity → Page_A_Description, Page_B_Entity → Page_B_Description etc.)   Once any page is opened,  a container containing the description is enclosed in the data view with the data source Microflow (example: Page_A_Microflow, Page_B_Microflow etc.), this Microflow does the following: Retrieve the First object of Page_A_Entity → Decision ( Page_A_Entity object is empty?) if it is empty → Create an object, Entity : Page_A_Entity, Change Item : Page_A_Entity_Page_A_Description, set “Custom Text” followed by end event which returns an object of newly created “Custom Text”. it is not empty → end event which returns the object of Retrieve the First object of Page_A_Entity. The purpose of Microflow is to make sure that the Description field always has text inside. In case I as an Admin want to change the Description, I click on the edit button → Pop-Up window for specific page opens where I can modify the description. So now comes the question is there a way how Mendix can track from which Card a User came? if it is possible I could optimize my microflow ( to have only 1 Microflow instead of 9) to check from which Card did user came to the certain page in order to show the Description from 1 entity particular Attribute (instead of 9) and to have only 1 Pop-Up to modify specific page Descriptions (instead of 9 different Pop-Ups) if it is not possible let there be no changes.   Hope my description provides a clear picture for your understanding of my case.   Looking forward for your help.   Mendix version: 9.24.1
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